Limited Edition SkullStars - Art Glass from Fahrenheit Press

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We're going to try and keep being positive through all the madness happening in the world right now and what better way to do that than to launch what we believe is another world's first - a publisher with their own range of stained glass collectables.

Yup, that's right - Stained Glass.

Hur, and you guys thought our Hot Sauce was a reach...

When we first saw contemporary glass artist Jess Parkes' stained glass Ziggy Stardust we knew this was someone we just had to collaborate with.

We approached Jess and found out she's every bit as cool in person as her art suggested - here she is here with another one of her creations.

We loved the way Jess uses traditional stained glass techniques but then applies them to contemporary subjects. Her art all felt very punk to us and her attitude & enthusiasm just made us want to find a way to bring her inside the Fahrenheit family.

We asked her for a few ideas and after some thought she settled on the Fahrenheit SkullStar logo - we couldn't have been more delighted when she showed us the result.

Faced with this object of beauty  what else could we do but commission Jess to make us some more so we could share them with you.

The result is a very LIMITED EDITION of 13 beautiful individually crafted pieces from the studio of one of the most exciting contemporary glass artists in the world. 

We've already called shotgun on 3 for ourselves so that only leaves 10 for all you Fahrenhistas to fight over.

These glass SkullStars are a genuine piece of Fahrenheit history we hope you cherish them as much as we do.

You can secure your Limited Edition SkullStar by following this link.
And make sure to go have a look at Jess' website to see more of her beautiful creations.  


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