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As we all know, times are tough all over at the moment.

Indie publishers like Fahrenheit are taking a particular battering, we’ve sadly seen many of our fellow Indies being forced to close down due to the triple whammy of increasing costs, decreasing sales and the massive drop-off in social media engagement & effectiveness over the last 6 months (cheers Elon).

We’ve been scratching our heads about things we could do to help us increase sales and somehow help out our cash-squeezed readers at the same.

We realised quite quickly that our biggest strength was you lot - our loyal band of readers. It’s you guys who keep us going, keep spreading the word, and keep encouraging your friends to read the books our awesome authors have written.

In fact, we rate you SO HIGHLY we think we should all go into business together, so today we are hugely proud to announce the FAHRENHEIT AFFILIATE scheme.

Once you sign up as a FAHRENHEIT AFFILIATE we’ll provide you with a personalised link that you can share with your friends & followers via email, via social media, and via your blog/website - you’ll earn a MASSIVE 10% COMMISSION on every sale made through that link.

You’ll have access to your very own Affiliate Analytics page where you can track clicks, sales & commission earned (all in real-time) and you’ll get paid automatically via Paypal every time your commission balance reaches £10.

We’re really excited about this new initiative - hopefully by tapping into your networks of friends & social media followers you can earn a few extra quid for yourself, boost our sales a bit, and play your part in securing the future of Indie Publishing.


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