David Nolan's Manc Noir books coming to a TV Screen near you.

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Free@Last TV is proud to announce its latest venture into the world of gritty crime fiction with the adaptation of David Nolan's critically acclaimed Manc Noir novels. Renowned for their raw and atmospheric portrayal of Manchester's underworld, Nolan's novels have captivated readers with their gripping narratives and authentic depiction of the city's dark side.

This collaboration between Free@Last TV and David Nolan will bring the essence of Manc Noir to the screen, introducing audiences to a thrilling and visceral experience that delves deep into the heart of urban crime. The adaptation will remain faithful to Nolan's distinct writing style, blending suspense, wit, and a deep understanding of the city's culture.

"We are thrilled to be working with David Nolan to bring his Manc Noir novels to life on the small screen," said Barry Ryan, Joint Creative Director at Free@Last TV. "David's novels are a unique blend of crime, culture, and character, and we are committed to staying true to the authenticity and intensity that make his work so compelling."

The Manc Noir novels are a trilogy starting with ‘Black Moss’ that tells the story of a historic crime that has haunted a shamed television presenter for decades and his return to solve the mystery years later. Each of the books will be developed as three-part series providing a returnable brand.

“This trilogy of books, set in and around Manchester, have captured the imagination of thousands of loyal readers over the last few years and everyone at Fahrenheit has been very proud of the part we’ve played in helping to establish David Nolan as crime fiction’s undisputed King of Manc Noir. The huge enthusiasm Free @ Last TV have shown for these books, alongside their formidable track record of bringing some of the UK’s best-loved books to the screen, convinced us they are the perfect partners to introduce these powerful stories to an even wider audience.” - Chris McVeigh, Publisher, Fahrenheit Press

David Nolan, the acclaimed author of the Manc Noir series, expressed his enthusiasm for the project, saying, "I am excited to see my characters and stories come to life through Free@Last TV's adaptation. Their commitment to capturing the essence of Manc Noir is truly inspiring, and I am confident that viewers will be taken on a thrilling ride through the streets of Manchester."

The Manc Noir adaptation will be written by Stuart Wright, who brought the books to Free@Last TV. Stuart is an award-winning screenwriter, known for his work on LAIR (2021), SAMUEL'S TRAVELS (2022) and the ‘FALLEN’ segment of the UK portmanteau PSYCHOMANTEUM (2018), He is also the recipient of THE OWL SCREENWRITER AWARD for Best Feature Film Script presented by the Athens Film Office screenwriting programme (supported by the Marche Du Film) at Cannes Film Festival 2023.

Free@Last TV has a proven track record of producing high-quality content that resonates with audiences across genres. With the Manc Noir adaptation, the production company aims to continue its tradition of delivering compelling storytelling that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats.

As the project moves into production, fans of David Nolan's Manc Noir novels can anticipate a television series that captures the essence of the novels while offering a fresh and immersive experience. Free@Last TV looks forward to bringing this gripping world of crime and intrigue to a global audience.



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