King Of The Crows

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“Ocean’s Eleven meets 28 Days Later.”

2028, eight years after a pandemic swept across Europe, the virus has been defeated and normal life has resumed.

Memories of The Lockdown have already become clouded by myths, rumour and conspiracy.

Books have been written, movies have been released and the names Robertson, Miller & Maccallan have slipped into legend.

Together they hauled The Crows, a ragged group of virus survivors, across the ruins of London. Kept them alive, kept them safe, kept them moving.

But not all myths are true and not all heroes are heroes.

Questions are starting to be asked about what really happened during those days when society crumbled and the capital city became a killing ground.

Finally the truth will be revealed.


Weighing in at a hefty 580 Pages, King Of The Crows is a truly genre-busting novel in terms of both content + structure.

The story is told over the span of 8 years from 2020-2028 using flashbacks and extracts from survivor accounts, screenplays, academic studies, online chat-rooms and police reports. 

You will never have read a book like this one.

Award winning author Russell Day has created something genuinely unique and entirely irresistible, as he describes here in his own words - it was a book he never expected to be published...

"Offer most publishers a zombie heist novel and they’ll politely decline. Try and sweeten the deal by pointing out it’s packed with quotes from books that don’t exist, online rants that have never been posted and pages from a screenplay that gets the facts wrong, and they’ll probably call security. Offer it to Chris McVeigh at Fahrenheit Press and the fucker sends you a contract."

Chris McVeigh the founder and publisher at Fahrenheit Press admits to having some concerns about the timing of publication due to the current Covid-19 crisis.  

"Our main worry was that we didn't want people to think we were taking advantage of the current crisis to get publicity for the book. The fact is, Russell delivered this manuscript to us in the summer of 2018 and it's been on our publishing schedule for well over a year. We had originally planned to publish on 1st March 2020 and initially as the current crisis began to unfold I took the decision to pull the book from the schedule entirely. The events in the book are an exaggerated version of the events that are actually unfolding now, but the parallels are unmistakable. After taking soundings from colleagues, friends and other publishers in the industry there was a overwhelming consensus that we should press ahead and that the book offers some much needed escapism and dark humour that might be just what our readers need right now. We can't wait for you to dive in and share what we experienced when we read this book for the first time. It is truly unique and for the first time in my 30 year career as a publisher I can genuinely say with my hand on my heart, this book really is UNPUTDOWNABLE."

King Of The Crows will be published in eBook, Paperback and a very limited collectors hardback edition on 1st May 2020

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