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After the huge success of #Fahrenbruary in 2019 a lot of you have been asking if it's going to be repeated in 2020.

The brains behind last year's jaw-droppingly awesome celebration of all things Fahrenheit Mart (@laughinggravy71), Matt (@thatmattkeyes) and I have had a chat and - despite it being hugely tempting to rinse and repeat -  the three of us agreed we should 'pull a Glastonbury' and have a fallow year in 2020 before returning with another stupendous #Fahrenbruary in 2021. 

All the bloggers put so much of themselves into #Fahrenbruary last year and we felt entirely humbled by the outpouring of #Fahrenlove but we don't want to take the piss by milking it too much. The three of us agree that making #Fahrenbruary a bi-ennuil event is definitely the right call and we look forward to welcoming you all back to an even bigger and better #Fahrenbruary in 2021.

Mart, Matt & Chris. 


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