You Must Have A Death Wish : Matt Phillips

You Must Have A Death Wish : Matt Phillips

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How do you go from hustler to hitman? 

When Moonie Sykes gets offered a meeting with Roberto 'Gato' Padilla, he thinks it's about moving some drugs. Turns out, Gato is offering a big payday for an even bigger job—kill some real estate prick named Larry Aces.

Sure Moonie's done people wrong before, just never so wrong they ended up dead. Call it moving on up...

This brutal noir sketches a world so crazy that only a rookie hitman could bless it with sanity. In You Must Have a Death Wish, prolific pulp writer Matt Phillips (Countdown, Know Me from Smoke, Three Kinds of Fool) crafts a tale of wretched violence and suitably inelegant redemption.

Praise for Matt Phillips:

"I can't get enough of Matt Phillips these days, and hope a shit-ton of other readers will soon feel the same." - Anthony Neil Smith, author of All the Young Warriors and Yellow Medicine

"Phillips is a writer who should be on everyone's radar for his lean, taut prose, authentic dialogue, and mastery of noir." - Sarah Chen, author of Cleaning Up Finn

"Matt Phillips speaks fluently the language of the dispossessed... His whiskey-soaked prose can at times be as slick as a man slinging snake-oil, and other times as brutal as a baseball bat to the head." —Eryk Pruitt, author of What We Reckon and Hashtag

"Matt Phillips is fast establishing himself as one of my favorite contemporary authors..." - Col's Criminal Library 

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