When You Run With Wolves : Robert White

When You Run With Wolves : Robert White

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Kidnap, robbery, bombs and guns. 

Then it all went wrong...

Jack Trichaud only wanted a quiet life in small town Ohio. But when you’re in possession of nearly a million dollars from a bank robbery gone wrong, life is anything but quiet. On the one hand, Agent Pippin is searching for the evidence that will pin the robbery on Jack and send him away for a good long time. On the other hand, violent White Power thug Calderone – aided by his merciless girlfriend and Jack’s own long lost brother – wants the money and he doesn’t care who he has to hurt to get it. In fact, the more pain Jack suffers the happier Calderone will be. 

Jack has more than a few cards up his sleeve, but blood will be spilled and he’s going to need every trick in the book to make sure it’s not his.

Or not too much of it, anyway.

“Explosive pulp action from start to finish... Brutal and unrelenting, When You Run with Wolves is written with a rare intelligence and wit that almost belies its violent heart.” -Michael Young (author of All Blood is Red and Of Blondes and Bullets)

"Make no mistake, this is a violent read... There is also a little hint of Richard Starks' Parker by way of Andrew Vachss that makes WHEN YOU RUN WITH WOLVES all that much more enjoyable. I loved everything about this book - the more I read the better it was." -Just A Guy That Likes To Read

"Quick paced and enjoyable..." -Regular Guy Reading Noir

“Grabs you by the soul and doesn’t let go!” -Simon Woods, author of The Fall Guy

“White writes beautiful, wrenching prose. Haftmann’s Rules is stark and unsentimental. It’s White at his best.” -Cindy Rosmus, author & publisher of Yellow Mama

“White’s stories are gritty and intense.” -Douglas Rhodes, editor, Sex and Murder Magazine

“Robert White knows the subconscious well and tells an immensely gripping tale on numerous levels!” -HorrorNews.net

“[White’s characters] are experiencing the ultimate horror of being deeply alone. Yet there is more to the collection than its abandoned characters; it is also the subtle workings of White's hard-boiled style that often lures the reader into experiencing the same loneliness.” -Joe Zingaro