Turbulence : Paul Gadsby

Turbulence : Paul Gadsby

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Accidentally shooting a civilian during a bungled heist was bad enough, but when they upset the local criminal kingpin as a result of their ineptitude, newbie bank-robbers Birty & Cole figured the best thing to do was split town, and fast.

Smart plan - at least it was till everything went south, again.

An armed robbery is an unusual event which affects the lives of everyone touched by it and in this tour de force Paul Gadsby traces the lines of influence and connection that run through the lives of the people unwittingly caught up in Birty & Cole’s heist.

The story is woven through the lives and perspectives of many characters - everyone from the bank staff and customers who witnessed the raid, to the journalists covering the case. 

This remarkable novel from Brit-Noir legend Paul Gadsby ignores the usual crime fiction tropes of ‘robbers on the run’ and instead becomes a vivid study into cause & effect that will keep you  gripped until the very last ripple fades away.

Praise for Paul Gadsby

"While other contemporary crime fiction scribes go out of their way to make sure their books have the fashionable noir qualities, there’s no such affectation in Gadsby’s work. His characters are believable, his storylines are interesting, and his writing is organic. He excels at revealing the multiple dimensions of his characters’ life situations and internal makeup." -Brian Greene, Criminal Element

"As tense and edge of your seat as any heist novel, packing a lot into 200 pages plus change. What really separates it from others in the genre is how believable and contemporary it is."- Louis Bravos, Crime Fiction Lover

"Gadsby has really come into his own with this book - the writing & the storytelling are simply superb."

“Thrilling, razor sharp Brit-Noir…”            

“A real page turner. Beautifully plotted, with lots of twists and turns.”

“A great read, couldn't put it down.”

“Too many gangster books can slip into caricature, but the highest praise I can give is that so much of the detail and Gadsby's sharp dialogue evoked memories of when I discovered Jake Arnott's series of books more than a decade ago.”

“This is a really good read. The characters personalities all come alive and keep you guessing at what their fate will be. the story moves along at a good pace and makes the book difficult to put down.”