Tony R. Cox : Vinyl Junkie (eBook - Kindle Version)

Tony R. Cox : Vinyl Junkie (eBook - Kindle Version)

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England, 1974.

Reporter Simon Jardine and DJ and part-time private investigator Tom Freeman, attend a homecoming gig for a megastar band. After the show, Jardine and Freeman see a record company manager roughed up and threatened, later that night they hear a man was murdered yards from the gig.

These events mark the beginning of a thrilling chain of events that leaves even the hard-bitten Jardine breathless and in fear for his life.

As the stakes rise Jardine and Freeman are bounced between dishonest record companies, corrupt cops in the pocket of violent criminal gangs, and IRA terrorists who control the drug trade.

The plot pushes relentlessly forward and climaxes when a shipment of drugs sails into a remote Scottish loch, where the forces of good and evil face each other down in a violent, fatal and bloody finale.

“Simon Jardine is a first-rate protagonist. Dogged, witty, hard-working and obstinate. Vinyl Junkie is tense and absorbing. Plenty of action, racy dialogue and a neat twist in the tail.” - M P Wright, long-listed for the Crime Writers' Association, Ian Fleming Sterling Dagger Award.