The Paris Ripper : The 3rd Republic Novels : Volume Three : Seth Lynch

The Paris Ripper : The 3rd Republic Novels : Volume Three : Seth Lynch

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Paris, 1931. There's a vicious killer on the loose.

A series of increasingly violent murders leaves Paris in a state of fear as The Paris Ripper targets his victims seemingly at will. In the face of the random nature of these gruesome murders Chief Inspector Belmont of the Paris police seems to be getting nowhere. 

With Belmont facing increasing pressure from the public and the press The Ripper’s confidence grows and in an act of supreme hubris he taunts the police with the mutilated body of a young woman. Ripped open on her own bed. Belmont's name written in blood on the bedroom wall.

The tide of the investigation begins to turn and despite being distracted by the suspicious death of a colleague and some shady goings on within the police department, Belmont finally starts to make headway in the case. 

As Belmont begins to close in on his target The Ripper decides to challenge the Chief Inspector face to face in a terrifying and bloody confrontation that will keep your heart pounding till the very last page.

Published in a new edition for 2019 The Paris Ripper is the 3rd volume of Seth Lynch's 3rd Republic Novels.

Praise for The Paris Ripper

'Slick and evocative, The Paris Ripper is a period thriller of the highest calibre.' - EVA DOLAN,

'Tough, robust and authentic, the streets of 1930's Paris are masterfully evoked in this first outing for Chief Inspector Belmont. With a killer who needs stopping, it's chilling, tense and dangerous, and marks the start of an exciting new series.' - NICK QUANTRILL, 

'A gruesome murder starts a labyrinthine investigation that digs below Paris' glittery surface and unearths the city's dark underbelly. The Paris Ripper is a vivid and gripping slice of historical crime fiction.' - PAUL D. BRAZILL