The Mistake : Grant Nicol

The Mistake : Grant Nicol

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"Larsson, Mankell and Nesbo... Pretenders to Nicol's crown."

Everybody Makes Mistakes!
A mutilated body is found on a lonely street in Reykjavík. 
Detective Grímur intends to see that justice is done. 
Kjartan Jónsson vows that his daughter’s killer will be punished. And that the punishment will fit the crime. 
Prime suspect Gunnar Atli desperately needs to prevent his own dark secrets from coming to light. And he’s not the only one.

Fine lines separate truth, justice and vengeance. Put a foot wrong, and any one of them could be making the biggest mistake of his life.

In Iceland, the winter shadows grow long...

"I was completely absorbed by Nicol's prose and storytelling. Hooked early, intrigued throughout. Nicol does a superb job layering in a lot of complexities and intrigue... we are taken down a number of rabbit holes, as Nicol guides us into the darker parts of Icelandic society. Nordic Noir with a strong emphasis on the NOIR. A story of things going badly wrong in a world where bad things happen, beneath the snowy and peaceful veneer of Iceland." Kiwi Crime

"A tense and atmospheric Nordic Noir. Another belter from Number Thirteen Press." -Paul D. Brazill (author of Guns of Brixton and A Case of Noir)

"Truth, revenge, cruelty... As the story nears its climax the twisted, horrific psychological elements reminded me of Michael Slade [or] Arne Dahl." -Miriam V. Owen (Nordic Noir Buzz) 

"Make no mistake about it... The Mistake is a great read. An atmospheric trip into Icelandic noir that leaves the reader's fingers blistering as you fly through the pages." -Regular Guy Reading Noir

"Larsson, Mankell and Nesbo... Pretenders to Nicol's crown. Told at a great pace, not a word is wasted. Number Thirteen Press are producing quality crime reads that allow me to enjoy a story quickly. Long may that continue." -Aidan Thorn (author of Criminal Thoughts)

"Gets darker and darker... lets you imagine the whole horrendous worst as the disturbing details are revealed to you and the tragedy plays out." -Morana Blue (author of Gatsby's Smile)

"The story starts as conventional crime fiction but as the action heads towards a dramatic conclusion it becomes darker, more graphic and increasingly violent... the resulting climax is worthy of the description ‘Iceland Noir’. [It] has a dark heart and a bleak ending." -Novel Heights

"Cold and menacing... Nicol takes us on a satisfying series of twists and curves towards a sordid and tragic conclusion." -Raven (Crime Fiction Lover)