The Judgement Book : Simon Hall

The Judgement Book : Simon Hall

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The race is on for crime fighting reporter Dan Groves and Detective Adam Breen as they are caught in a blackmailer's web of sordid sex secrets which has already forced public figures to take their own lives.

First an MP, then a senior police officer kill themselves after their secrets are revealed and scores more prominent people wait fearfully to see what will be revealed about the darkness of their own lives.

Dan and Adam discover they too are targets of the blackmailer and are forced into a desperate race to find the blackmailer, to stop them exposing the secrets which would destroy their own futures.

This is the 4th book in Simon Hall's hugely popular Dan Groves Investigates series.

Praise for Simon Hall

“Hall’s characterisations are so good it’s hard to believe you are reading a work of fiction…”

“More than just well written, it brings alive the people and places, hard to put down…”

“A spectacular, gripping, brilliant book. A storyline that keeps you intrigues and guessing right to the end.”

“Hall is a compelling writer. He should be applauded for writing a book which, though irreverent at times, leaves the reader with a need to question and reflect.

“A really enjoyable read… taut, well plotted and creates such pace it became a personal race against time to finish it in one sitting.”