The Devil's Blues : Ricky Bush

The Devil's Blues : Ricky Bush

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 Book 2 of The Crime Fighting Bluesman series

Jerry Roberts is found unconscious outside a firebombed church but far from being treated as a victim, he finds himself the prime suspect and charged with the murder of the entire congregation—including his wife and daughter.

Mitty Andersen and Pete Bolden – the crime fighting bluesmen – sense that an innocent man is being railroaded by an overzealous local lawman and set out to find out who’s really behind the recent string of church bombings.

Mitty & Pete soon find themselves in the crosshairs of a secret paramilitary organization known as S.O.S — the Soldiers of Satan.

In a thrilling ride through the length of Texas, Mitty and Pete need to dodge the wrath and bullets of the S.O.S. operatives long enough to stay alive, stop the next bombing, and prove their friend is innocent.

“An old-fashioned romp through the Texas countryside pitting good against evil. Evil masquerades in black & white, but good is found in bluesmen Mitty Andersen and Pete Bolden—for whom friendship is golden. If you’re a blues fan, you’ll love how the musical references are interwoven in the story. If you’re not, you’ll get enough blues in your blood by osmosis to change your mind.” — James M. Jackson, author, Bad Policy

“Blues and crime make pitch-perfect partners once again thanks to the talented pen of Ricky Bush. Turn the lights down low, put on some blues even lower, and lose yourself in The Devil’s Blues.” —P.S. Gifford, author, Curiously Twisted Tales

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