Speed Of Life : James Pate

Speed Of Life : James Pate

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Rock-N-Roll will never die but sometimes it’ll kill…

“Circle all around me,
Coming for the kill, kill, kill
Oh kill me baby
Like a kamikaze
Heading for a spill.” - 25th Floor, Patti Smith

1978. It’s a hot summer night in Memphis when rock singer Oscar hears the news that his ex-bandmate Tommy has overdosed in a hotel room.

Oscar isn’t buying it, and sets out to discover what really happened.

The story unfolds in Memphis and New York. Both cities are falling apart. Crime and graffiti are everywhere and punk rock music provides the soundtrack as the madness unfolds.

The Sex Pistols play a concert in Memphis and Patti Smith stalks the corridors of the Chelsea Hotel, where Sid Vicious & Nancy Spungen are already locked together in their tragic death spiral.

Oscar finds himself sucked deeper into the seedy underbellies of two great American cities seemingly on the verge of nihilistic collapse, and as he gets closer to the real reasons behind the death of his bandmate Tommy he finds himself thrust directly into the line of fire.

“If Flannery O’Connor rewrote a James Ellroy novel, it would be something like Speed Of life.”