Russell Day : Not Talking Italics (eBook - Kindle version)

Russell Day : Not Talking Italics (eBook - Kindle version)

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In late 2017 Fahrenheit Press launched a writing competition - the result was NOIRVILLE our very first short story collection (find out more here).

We received literally hundreds of entries from which our judges chose the final 15 entries that appear in the book.

All the entries were judged blind. None of our judges had any idea if the stories they were reading were written by established authors or amateurs taking their first shot.

Russell Day entered 2 stories in the competition and when all the marks from the blind judging were added up his stories had been voted into 1st & 2nd place.

To say we were surprised was an understatement, we hadn't anticipated one author having two winning entries - let alone them being voted No.1 & No.2. For better or worse we decided that it would be fairer to only publish one story from Russell in the final version so we could give another writer a chance. 

We immediately realised we had a real writing talent on our hands and we offered Russell a two-book contract on the spot. Russell's 1st full length novel NEEDLE SONG will be published 30th APRIL 2018 by Fahrenheit Press.

The winning story THE ICING ON THE CAKE is published in Noirville - the other is this story NOT TALKING ITALICS.

We hope you enjoy this short story and, if you do, please keep an eye out for Russell's 1st full-length novel NEEDLE SONG published 30th APRIL 2018.