Redbone : Matt Phillips

Redbone : Matt Phillips

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Calvin G. Redbone, veteran, is a simple man with a simple routine. He lives in a travel trailer, details cars, takes practice swings with his Louisville Slugger. His weekdays are always the same: nothing more complicated than deciding whether to doctor his morning coffee with a splash of bourbon. 

Until his world begins to change. Until his best friend winds up dead. Until Calvin realizes that nothing is as simple as it appears on the surface. Maybe not even Calvin G. Redbone himself.

As he begins to unravel the truth about his friend’s life and death, the question becomes: what’s Calvin going to do about it? 

Written in sharp-edged prose,Redbone is a captivating murder ballad-noir. 

"In Calvin G. Redbone Matt Phillips has created a character Jim Thompson would have been proud of and that ain’t no shit either. The pressure builds and builds inside the man’s head until the release valve blows its top and the tiny town of Bumblefuck Nowhere is swept away in his new-born rage." -Gunnar Davíðsson

"In REDBONE, Matt Phillips speaks fluently the language of the dispossessed, the man with a quiet dignity who finds himself in a shit situation. His whiskey-soaked prose can at times be as slick as a man slinging snake-oil, and other times as brutal as a baseball bat to the back of the head. If you come at REDBONE with anything less than a bottle of bourbon, consider yourself unarmed. Phillips is cooking up something nasty in that trailer park." -Eryk Pruitt, author of Hashtag and Dirtbags

"Phillips’ way with words is wonderful and gritty. He paints sharp, cutting scenes with a main character that is full and rough. Beyond that, he peppers the action with tight quips, imagining a very true world through a very discerning set of eyes. There were so many stellar lines... [Phillips] is graduating quickly into some seriously good writing." -Tim Learn

"Another treat for us all. The conclusion seems inevitable, but Phillips manages to keep up the tension throughout. In Redbone the team at Fahrenheit 13 have another winner on their hands." -Nigel Bird (author of Southsiders and Smoke)

"There is just so much to like about Redbone. Phillips’ writing is so multi-layered and deep it fills his characters with a realness that is usually lacking in novels. Calvin is a character that will have you sympathizing for him and his plight. This book left me with a sense that Phillips will be an author to watch out for. I for one will be marveling at all the books he comes out with in the future." -Regular Guy Reading Noir

"Great characters and setting, Calvin retained my sympathies even after he crossed the line. Dark, but very enjoyable." -Col's Criminal Library