Of Blondes And Bullets : Michael Young

Of Blondes And Bullets : Michael Young

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No good deed goes unpunished!

Sometimes you don’t think, you don’t plan, you only act. When he pulled the blonde from the icy waters, Frank wasn’t thinking about what would happen next. But when she disappears again he’s going to have a hard time explaining the truth to the men who want to find her. And if he is to protect his family, it’s time for Frank to make some hard choices.

Love, or life?
Fight, or flee?
Blondes, or bullets?

With a touch of David Goodis’s everyman-noir, a dash of Brit Grit, and a whole lot of hardboiled, Of Blondes and Bullets shows just how easy it is for the world you thought you knew to crumble before your eyes.

“One good deed is all takes for things to go wrong…Of Blondes and Bullets provides a jarring trek between the cracks of bland suburbia; a hardboiled noir descent into the darker side of Britain. Recommended.” -Lee Sykes (author of The Hard Cold Shoulder)

"Gritty, very British, and brings back memories of classic pulp and noir titles. Always going somewhere and there are no wasted words." – Charlie Wade (author of Seven Daze)

"Edgy and disconcerting... It's good, old-fashioned noir presented in a fresh way. A very strong start to what promises to be a very exciting enterprise." -Nigel Bird (author of Smoke, Southsiders) 

"Hard-hitting hardboiled crime fiction. An absolute belter." -Paul Brazill (author of Guns of Brixton, A Case of Noir)

"Classic wrong-man noir written with a touch of pulp that is a readers delight for genre junkies. Michael Young never misses a beat... the perfect read for a short, sharp does of noir." -Just a Guy That Likes to Read

"This novella is as sharp as a glass shard. From the opening scene, all the way to the denouement, the reader is treated to a book that has them rushing through the plot as if they were on a runaway train." -Regular Guy Reading Noir