Northtown Eclipse : Robert White

Northtown Eclipse : Robert White

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The brutal summer heat seems to have everyone in Northtown, Ohio on edge.

A high school reunion is the catalyst for long held grudges to bubble up to the surface but quickly becomes a sideshow as private detective Raimo Jarvi is drawn into a murderous rampage that extends far beyond his usual remit of unfaithful wives and petty personal disputes. 

Raimo knows his estranged brother Rikki is up to his neck in something big and as the conspiracy starts to unravel it’s clear that if he doesn’t move quickly they could both end up dead.

This perfect slice of mid-western noir grippingly captures the long hot summers and simmering resentments of small town America where secrets are buried deep but the past is never quite forgotten. 

“Robert White knows the subconscious well and tells an immensely gripping tale on numerous levels!” 

“White’s stories are gritty and intense.” 

“White writes beautiful, wrenching prose… stark and unsentimental. It’s White at his best.” 

"Quick paced and enjoyable..."