Northtown Blitz : Robert White

Northtown Blitz : Robert White

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“With his usual razor-sharp writing Robert White takes us further into the world of Northtown & Raimo Jarvi in this second book of what is fast turning out to be a must-read series.”

Fresh from the success of his last case we find Raimo Jarvi reaping the benefits of his new-found status as a private detective who gets results.

Bella Cinciarelli was the eldest of three of sisters, all of them famous as high school beauties back in the day, and now one of them is dead. 

The coroner ruled the death natural causes but Bella is convinced her sister was murdered and she wants Raimo’s help  to prove it and bring the murderer to justice.

The problems begin when Raimo realises Bella’s main suspect is her brother-in-law, James delCorelli – lawyer, businessman and county commissioner – a powerful man, a man with powerful friends, and as Raimo soon discovers - not a man you want to get on the wrong side of.

Praise for Robert White

“Robert White knows the subconscious well and tells an immensely gripping tale on numerous levels!”

“White’s stories are gritty and intense.”

“White writes beautiful, wrenching prose… stark and unsentimental. It’s White at his best.”

"Quick paced and enjoyable..."