Mark Rapacz : A Burdizzo For A Prince (eBook - ePub Version)

Mark Rapacz : A Burdizzo For A Prince (eBook - ePub Version)

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Burdizzo (n.) a surgical instrument used to castrate animals.

So what happens when a hitman becomes a hunted man?

Ask J.J. - he’s on the run after handing out some bloody, but poetic justice to the son of his former boss Pa Kapala, the head of an infamous Jersey crime family.

Now J.J. is being pursued by his former colleagues who’ve been told to use extreme prejudice to settle the score.

There’s one slight wrinkle in Pa Kapala’s plan though - J.J. has absolutely no intention of going down without a fight.

“Superb, a totally unique revenge road movie in three parts…”

“Violent, irreverent and so, so funny, Burdizzo For A Prince is one you won’t want to miss.”

“Worth buying for the chapter titles alone... hilarious.”

“Mark Rapacz has written a clever, pacy, violent and funny book that grabs you by the throat and doesn’t let go till the final page.”