Instant Karma : Todd Morr

Instant Karma : Todd Morr

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After being thrown off the force, disgraced ex-cop Hondo makes his living giving security advice to a range of dubious underworld characters.

Mr Yasuda pays well for Hondo's anti-surveillance advice in the hope that it might thwart the law enforcement agencies who are determined to finally put the old man away, but when Hondo begins an affair with his client’s beloved daughter it seems that - even by his standards - he’s sailing close to the wind.

Caught between the local cops, some vengeful Yakuza, and a mysterious underworld organisation called Instant Karma Inc - Hondo is going to have to rely on more than just his wits to survive.

With his options rapidly running out, Hondo’s forced into an unlikely alliance that - if he gets very, very lucky - just might let him walk out of all this alive.

Praise for Todd Morr

“Imagine a Tarantino movie where you've come in just as the final third is about to start.This is a fast and furious read and like the final third of Tarantino ultra ultra violent.Fantastic read with great characterization and dialogue. A really enjoyable book.”

“You’ll not be able to put the book down until the last page turns…”

“This book would fit right in as an ongoing Cinemax series nestled right between Banshee and Quarry. If You're Not One Percent is not to be missed.”

“This book is crazy. It's like a hillbilly Assault on Precinct 13 or Straw Dogs with a larger cast. It's full speed ahead on this twisty road. Blood is shed and nobody is spared in this inventive and unique thriller.”

“If you like non-stop action, Todd Morr is the author to read. Lots of action, with doses of humor thrown in for good measure. A fast paced read that keeps you glued to the page.”

“This book is weird. I have no idea why I read it, but it was hard to put down…”