Hacked : Duncan MacMaster

Hacked : Duncan MacMaster

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Jake Mooney returns in another adventure, and this time he’s headed for the bright lights of Hollywood. 

Jake’s in Tinstletown scouting opportunities to take his best-selling books to the big screen when he gets drawn into the investigation surrounding the hacking of Hollywood studio Continental Pictures.

Almost immediately one of his oldest friends is brutally murdered, Jake is kidnapped twice in quick succession and when the LAPD don’t exactly cover themselves in glory - Jake knows he’s going to have to take matters into his own hands…

 “I get kidnapped once, shame on the kidnapper – I get kidnapped twice, shame on me – but if someone tries for a third time, they’re getting shot in the dick…”

Jake figures if he finds out who hacked Continental Pictures it’ll lead him to the person who killed his friend but he’s going to have to move fast if he’s going to walk away from this one alive. 

Praise for Duncan MacMaster

“Great characterisations with a mysterious, almost Conan Doyle-style ability to pick out the telling detail amidst the obvious, and obviously set-up, red herrings. Entertaining and very well written.”

“More fun than a bag of monkeys!”

“Duncan McMaster takes a complex story and shakes it vigorously until the totally unexpected solution falls out.”

“Duncan MacMaster certainly knows how to draw you into the story and before long, you are hooked without even realising it.”

“Ticks every box for traditional sleuthing fans. I loved it.”