Hack : Duncan MacMaster

Hack : Duncan MacMaster

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Another irresistible page-turner from the best-selling author of A MINT CONDITION CORPSE.

Jake Mooney is a ghost-writer who just landed a lucrative gig penning the autobiography of legendary eighties television icon Rick Rendell.

It should have been easy money - fly to Rick’s island paradise, enjoy the sunshine, collect some juicy stories of Hollywood excess then weave them together into a bestselling memoir for a public already hopelessly addicted to scandal and celebrity gossip. 

Simple? No. Not so much. 

Before he even gets started Jake narrowly escapes an attempt on his life and when the first shot rings out it becomes clear that some people will stop at nothing to ensure their secrets remain firmly under wraps. 

Jake's used to dealing with clients with scandal in their past but one with murder in his future is definitely not what he signed up for. 

Praise for Duncan MacMaster

“Perfect summer reading…”

“Seriously comic fun - a great read…”

“Classic crime fiction in the style of a larger-than-life bonkbuster…”

“A smart, slick and super cool comic caper…”

“Rockets along to a most satisfying ending - loved it...”

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