Grant Nicol : On A Small Island (Paperback)

Grant Nicol : On A Small Island (Paperback)

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In the space of a few days, Ylfa Einarsdóttir sees her peaceful existence in downtown Reykjavík turned on its head. Some unexpected news from one of her sisters and a brutal murder that’s far too close to home for comfort leave her wondering why life has turned on her so suddenly. 

When the police fail to take her seriously, her hands-on approach to the investigation soon lands her in hot water. 

Following a string of biblical messages left behind by a mysterious nemesis she stumbles upon a dark secret that has finally come home to roost. 

As she is about to find out, on a small island, what goes around, comes around.

“A complex and chilling tale…”

“An amazing read!”

“The author has a terrific writing style that keeps the reader mesmerized until the very end of this fantastic tale of not just murder and mystery but of survival…”

“A thrilling read...highly recommended…”

“Hefty amounts of tension and fear, and a resolution that makes you wonder whether surviving sometimes isn't all it's cracked up to be…”

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