Fahrenzine : Subscription

Fahrenzine : Subscription

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Fahrenzine is a new adventure in publishing brought to you exclusively by Fahrenheit Press.

Each issue features a single short story from one of the most exciting crime fiction talents in the world and is strictly limited to only 100 hand-numbered copies.

Featuring no-nonsense typography and published pamphlet style, Fahrenzine takes inspiration from our old skool punk heritage and pays homage to the pioneering DIY spirit of revolutionary zines like Sniffin Glue, Chainsaw and New York Rocker.

In the last year we've published 9 Issues of Fahrenzine (the 10th is coming later this month) - EVERY SINGLE ISSUE HAS SOLD OUT.

Every time we publish an issue we know that there are some die hard fans who miss out and although we try hard to sort them out if we possibly can sadly sometimes the only resort has been to direct them to eBay where they occasionally pop-up at an inflated price. 

Quite a lot of you have asked us if you can reserve your copies in advance and so far we've resisted that but in the end we're all about what our readers want and YOU ASKED FOR THIS - SO NOW YOU'VE GOT IT.

The normal RRP for each edition of Fahrenzine is £5.95 which means that when you factor in P&P a full run of 10 issues would cost you £89 per year in the UK and £119 per year in the USA.

Our Fahrenzine subscription deal offers you a 33% SAVING on those numbers.

  • 12 Month UK Subscription (10 Issues) : £60 (inc P&P)
  • 12 Month USA Subscription (10 Issues) : £80 (inc P&P)

We're also offering 6 month subscriptions.

  • 6 Month UK Subscription (5 Issues) : £30 (inc P&P)
  • 6 Month USA Subscription (5 Issues) : £40 (inc P&P)

As an extra incentive, anyone who buys the 12 MONTH SUBSCRIPTION will also receive an EXCLUSIVE Fahrenheit Mouse Pad (that won't be available anywhere else) as a +BONUS GIFT.

So there you go, this is the ONLY WAY to guarantee you get your hands on every edition of Fahrenzine. Only 100 copies of each are ever printed - when they're gone, they really are  gone.