Duncan MacMaster : A Mint Condition Corpse (Paperback)

Duncan MacMaster : A Mint Condition Corpse (Paperback)

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A classic Golden Age murder mystery brought bang up to date.

Kirby Baxter lives a charmed life. The retired comic book artist has enough money in the bank to last several lifetimes and his sideline as a consultant for Interpol ensures that life never has the chance to get boring. 

Fresh from a mysterious adventure in Lichtenstein, Kirby decides to relax and reconnect with some old friends at Omnicom - the world’s largest comic convention. Its all fun and costume changes until schlock horror superstar Erica Cross turns up dead. Very quickly Kirby’s past catches up with him and puts him up to his neck in a deadly murder mystery. 

Kirby must deploy his unique skills of deduction and detection before the body count rises and ruins OmniCon for everyone. 

“A smart, slick and super cool comic caper…”

“Rockets along to a most satisfying ending - loved it.”

“If you’re a fan of Dirk Gently, you’ll love Kirby Baxter…”

“Put’s the nerd firmly into noir.”