Disorderly Women T-Shirt

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"Disorderly women have always been my tribe, ever since I was a teenager at the back of the school bus, part of a gang of girls laughing their faces off, pulling faces and much worse at lorry drivers through the window. I love them - the women who ask why, and why not, and do what they want, and not what they're supposed to do. The witches, the hags, the divas, the cackling crones. The rebels. The gobby ones. The ones who burn bright because they're too much, and are too loud, and go too far, and either don't want to fit in to whatever polite society expects of them, or the idea of what a woman 'should' be, or quite simply just can't, because they living the truth of why they are, which is to be themselves: vivid, and alive, and glorious." - Tina  Jackson, author of The Beloved Children and Spirit Burns 

Show the world who you are.

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