Death Of A Nobody : Derek Farrell

Death Of A Nobody : Derek Farrell

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“Danny Bird is back and he’s gone full Poirot.” 

When Lady Margaret Wright dies her will stipulates her wake be held in her old neighbourhood. Sensing an opportunity, Danny, Lady Caroline and the gang commit to giving the old girl the wake to end all wakes and at the same time cement the reputation of The Marquess Of Queensbury as South London’s most up and coming gastro-pub.

As usual though things don’t quite go to plan and it isn’t long before the body count starts to mount. Danny and the unflappable Lady Caroline find themselves thrown into a classic murder mystery complete with poison pen letters, family feuds, money, jealousy and a cast of characters that would put the average Agatha Christie country house mystery to shame.

With his love-life and his business seemingly falling around his ears Danny is determined to get to the bottom of things and hopefully put a stop to people getting murdered in his damn pub.

“Thoroughly enjoyable read by a master story teller”

“Pithy and witty - and laugh out loud funny - and so dark and twisted”

“Fast and furious and really funny, great twist at the end it left me wanting more.”

“A fabulous, fast paced and witty book. A definite page turner that kept me guessing until the end.”

“Very different to any murder mystery I've read before, and I loved it. It had me laughing out loud times. A clever well written book that I highly recommend”