Dark Water : Ariana D. Den Bleyker

Dark Water : Ariana D. Den Bleyker

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When Henry’s wife is murdered he’s forced to disappear. Nobody would believe he didn’t kill her. His sister, the only witness, won’t testify. His brother-in-law, the detective, doesn’t trust him. His mistress, the investigating pathologist, won’t help him. 

They all have their own secrets to protect.

And after all, Henry killed so many others before.

Dark Water is a pitch black tale of suicide, torture, murder and revenge as an artist returns to produce his greatest work out of those closest to him.

“Darkly wonderful... one hell of an explosive firecracker. Dark Water has a short fuse and a powerful bang that wipes out everything you think you know about typical novellas. A great example of dark, twisted noir.” -Regular Guy Reading Noir

“A novella that will appeal to those readers who like their crime fiction smothered in darkness and submerged in the deep blackness of the human maddened mind. The plot comprises murder, lust, suicidal thoughts, and a killer spirit that can't be tamed.” -Just a Guy that Likes to Read

“Ironically, Dark Water, though about grim and depraved crime, made me euphoric while reading it, sentence by strikingly beautiful sentence. This book shows Ariana D. Den Bleyker to be one of the major talents of our age, with a mastery that allows her to change our psyches forever with the profound dynamics between her characters.” -Tantra Bensko (Unside: A Book of Closed Time-like Curves)

“Dark in the title, noir in the narrative. This may be a novella, but the book contains a smorgasbord of extremes by way of suicide, murder, torture and brutal revenge. ” -David Prestidge (crimefictionlover.com)

"Beautiful in its prose and sadistic main characters... Will make a terrifying movie." -NotesontheShore,