Briefly Maiden : Jacqueline Chadwick

Briefly Maiden : Jacqueline Chadwick

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Ali Dalglish is back in the role she loves: working alongside Vancouver Island’s Integrated Major Incident Squad and is once again partnered with Inspector Rey Cuzzocrea. 

As the chemistry between Ali and Cuzzocrea intensifies so does the hunt for a twisted killer as they are tasked with solving a series of violent murders with links to a sinister paedophile ring in the idyllic island city of Cedar River. 

In the midst of the chaos, Ali is pulled by her desire to find and save the children at the heart of the case but she is thwarted by an evil so cunning and powerful that it threatens to become the nemesis she never imagined possible: one that could bring her to her knees.

Praise for Jacqueline Chadwick

“Twisted, disturbing, tender and utterly utterly gripping…”

“Literally un-put-downable…”

“Jacqueline Chadwick has burst onto the crime scene with an explosive debut that leaves the reader gasping for more…”

“Gritty, dark and brilliant!”

“A dynamite debut novel. Entertaining and chilling.”

“I don't remember ever having as much fun, being so entertained by a serial killer story…”