Back Door To Hell : Paul Gadsby

Back Door To Hell : Paul Gadsby

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Boy meets girl. Girl has a plan. A plan that’ll change everything.

Nate and Jen are two working class kids looking for a chance to leave behind their dreary, minimum wage lives.

Jen has figured out a way to change everything, she just needs a little help to pull it off. That’s where Nate comes in.

She’s got it all planned. In and out before anyone notices, nobody gets hurt and finally they can start living the lives they always imagined. A simple heist, even for amateurs like them.

The problem is local crime lord Crawford is not an amateur. Not by a long chalk. Jen & Nate have stolen his money and more importantly they’ve damaged his reputation. He intends to get both back. No matter what the cost.

Praise for Paul Gadsby

“Thrilling, razor sharp Brit-Noir…”

“A real page turner. Beautifully plotted, with lots of twists and turns.”

“A great read, couldn't put it down.”

“Too many gangster books can slip into caricature, but the highest praise I can give is that so much of the detail and Gadsby's sharp dialogue evoked memories of when I discovered Jake Arnott's series of books more than a decade ago.”

“This is a really good read. The characters personalities all come alive and keep you guessing at what their fate will be. the story moves along at a good pace and makes the book difficult to put down.”

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