69Crime 001 : Bang Bang You're Dead + Worst Laid Plans : Nick Quantrill / Aidan Thorn

69Crime 001 : Bang Bang You're Dead + Worst Laid Plans : Nick Quantrill / Aidan Thorn

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The very first Tête-bêche edition from our new imprint @69Crime.

Bang Bang You're Dead by Nick Quantrill

Fresh out of prison, Sam is back home and determined to turn his life around. Be the man his family needs him to be. But it’s not so easy going straight when you’re friends with Jonno. 

Drawn into a drugs deal involving petty local gangs, things quickly take a turn for the worse when he discovers the notorious Nolan brothers are involved. 

With simmering rivalries coming to the fore, Sam has to decide between new and old loyalties. And with old sores over his brother’s death being picked at, it’s not so simple. Especially when you have a gun in your pocket.

Worst Laid Plans by Aidan Thorn

Vinnie Travers, lead singer with The Down & Outs literally doesn’t know what’s hit him when his path crosses with four young lads on a night out in a borrowed Mercedes.

Andy Dickson, home alone while his parents are on holiday, is left trying to figure out how a simple night out with some mates ended with a dead body flung hastily into the backseat of his dad’s car.

But it’s not until the next morning that the fun really begins…

“Crime fiction hasn’t been this cool for decades. There’s something so irresistible about a Tête-bêche in your hands, flipping it over and over. A book with two covers, always beginning. This is pulp publishing at its most seductive.” - Chris Black, Senior Editor, Fahrenheit 13.” 

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