Fahrenzine (FHZ02-005) : Welcome To Hollywood : Russell Day & Saira Viola

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Fahrenzine is a new adventure in publishing brought to you exclusively by Fahrenheit Press. 

Each issue features a single short story from one of the most exciting crime fiction talents in the world and is strictly limited to only 100 hand-numbered copies. 

Featuring no-nonsense typography and published pamphlet style, Fahrenzine takes inspiration from our old skool punk heritage and pays homage to the pioneering DIY spirit of revolutionary zines like Sniffin Glue, Chainsaw and New York Rocker.

Every single issue of Fahrenzine we've released has sold out in the blink of an eye - the only place you can find them now is on eBay.

Issues 1-13 proved so popular that due to popular demand we've brought the Fahrenzines back for Season 2.

The latest issue is something pretty special - for the first time ever TWO Fahrenheit legends have joined forces and have co-authored a Fahrenzine.

That's right, Noir Outlaws - Russell Day & Saira Viola have teamed up to write this short story together - the result as you can imagine is very, very cool.

It's called WELCOME TO HOLLYWOOD and we're not going to tell you a single thing about it.

All you need to know is that it's written by two of the finest writers we've ever published and if a story co-authored by Fahrenheit's very own answer to Bonnie & Clyde isn't enough for you, you really haven't been paying attention.

Just have a look at the Fahrenheit classics they've written between them...

Each of these authors have an extraordinary pedigree under their belts…

Here’s just a few of the plaudits that’ve been thrown Russell’s way…

"Russell Day is an artist - one who paints pictures with his words..."


"A brilliant book, one that has cemented Russell Day straight into my must read authors list."


"Russell Day has established himself as one of the best new crime writers of recent years. I cannot wait for his next novel."


And as for Saira, well the great and the good of literature have been lining up to praise her writing since the moment she broke onto the scene…

“Saira Viola is one of the most important new voices in world poetry and prose .She is lightening and thunder ...She is the Storm.” - Literary Giant of poetry and literature: Ron Whitehead


“Saira Viola has a beautiful twisted imagination.” - World renowned Poet , Activist and author Benjamin Zephaniah


“Saira Viola, has devised some new designer drug that keeps you reading. The language is so powerfully hypnotic and occasionally so explosive you feel you need to pause to apply burn cream (and it is acidly funny). I exaggerate? No. From her early poetic experimentation with language, image, and sound a technique she has dubbed Sonic Scatterscript to her novelistic ventures into the dark , absurd world of contemporary crime fiction ,Viola’s work pulses with an iconoclastic brio that mischievously blasts the golden calves of our times be they literary or political.” - Multi Award winning, poet, playwright, dramatist and actor Heathcote Williams

Remember as with all the Fahrenzines, only the 100 people who buy this will ever get to read this story - we anticipate people will be fighting to get their hands on this one so don't hang about.

Only 100 numbered copies have been printed - when they're gone, they're gone