Fahrenzine (FHZ005) : Concrete And Clay : Ian Ayris

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Fahrenzine is a new adventure in publishing brought to you exclusively by Fahrenheit Press.

Each issue features a single short story from one of the most exciting crime fiction talents in the world and is strictly limited to only 100 hand-numbered copies.

Featuring no-nonsense typography and published pamphlet style, Fahrenzine takes inspiration from our old skool punk heritage and pays homage to the pioneering DIY spirit of revolutionary zines like Sniffin Glue, Chainsaw and New York Rocker.

This 5th issue of Fahrenzine (#FHZ005) features Fahrenheit favourite Ian Ayris

Regular readers will know the awe that Ian Ayris is held in by readers and by his fellow Fahrenheit authors. In the 3 books that make up the Shining Like Rainbows trilogy (Abide With Me, April Skies and Everybody Hurts) he has written some of the most beautiful and affecting words ever to grace a page,

His reviews speak for themselves.

“Ayris brings a depth and level of emotion to his writing that most authors strive their entire career to achieve, and which many never do. The ending of this book is so powerful, poignant and heart breaking it actually brought tears to my eyes. If there is even a shred of justice in the world Abide With Me will garner the kind of widespread attention it so richly deserves.”

“'I absolutely loved Abide With Me and in places was very moved, to both laughter, and tears…”

“It's literary, it's crime. Expect to be moved and taken to a whole different world that is as real as your own” 

“An absolute straight-in-the-back-of-the-net knockout of a story”

“Within the first five chapters I had laughed out loud and come close to tears as the revelations tore at my heartstrings…”

With this latest edition to the Fahrenzine series, it turns out Ian is also a master of the short story genre. Fahrenheit publisher Chris McVeigh had this to say...

"Obviously I know how good Ian is - anyone who's read the three books we've published by him will know that too - so when I sat down with this and my morning coffee I expected a proper little treat. Sure enough within a few paragraphs this short story had lived up to my expectations and I was comfortably drawn in - then BAAAM the sneaky bastard totally blindsided me and I ended up choking on my toast..." 

So there you go, any short story that makes The Boss choke on his toast has got to be a winner, right?

Remember as with all the Fahrenzines,  only the 100 people who buy this will ever get to read this story - we anticipate people will be fighting to get there hands on this one so don't hang about.

Only 100 copies have been printed - when they're gone, they're gone


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