69Crime 002 : Everything Happens + Death Of A Sinner : Jo Perry / Derek Farrell

69Crime 002 : Everything Happens + Death Of A Sinner : Jo Perry / Derek Farrell

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The 2nd of our Tête-bêche editions from our new imprint @69Crime brings together Fahrenheit legends Jo Perry & Derek Farrell in one unique flippable VEGAS THEMED volume.

Everything Happens by Jo Perry

Jennifer married Jake in a whirlwind of Las Vegas romance, now exactly one year later she’s driving back to Sin City so she can file for divorce and write her loser husband out of her story for good.

Her loser husband meanwhile is confirming his reputation with a string of bad decisions and mis-steps that ensure his life is sent spiralling wildly out of his control.

Cue car chases, kidnapping, double crossing, triple crossing, death, vengeance plus some massively over-priced wedding dresses and you’ve got the recipe for a hugely entertaining slice of richly cinematic noir that will leave you gasping and begging for more.

Death Of A Sinner by Derek Farrell

Sinners Palace is a reality tv show from the makers of “The Real Househusbands of Colchester”,“Dairy Farm Lock-In” and “Suicide Vest Karaoke”.

The undisputed star of Sinners is Cartier Cobb, a glorious tabloid monster with a vicious tongue and a merciless bullying streak to match. While the cast are assembled for filming in The Marquess Of Queensbury public house it emerges that there may be a murderer in their midst and naturally, Cartier Cobb is convinced that she was the real target.

Aware that the landlord of the pub also has a side-line as a reluctant amateur sleuth, Cartier insists that he helps uncover the murderer she’s convinced is out to get her.

So begins another adventure for Danny Bird and the unflappable Lady Caz as this time they strive to unmask a killer while navigating the sordid, petty and duplicitous world of reality tv.

“Crime fiction hasn’t been this cool for decades. There’s something so irresistible about a Tête-bêche in your hands, flipping it over and over. A book with two covers, always beginning. This is pulp publishing at its most seductive.” - Chris Black, Senior Editor, Fahrenheit 13.” 

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