Pay It Forward : Fahrenheit Book Bank

Pay It Forward : Fahrenheit Book Bank

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The cost-of-living crisis is hitting hard and this Christmas is going to be a fairly miserable time for a lot of people who just can’t find a way to make ends meet.

There’s very little any of us can do to change the big picture, but we had a think and decided that one small way we could help people out would be to set up the Fahrenheit Book Bank

The Fahrenheit Book Bank will allow us to partner with our army of loyal readers to help give the gift of a book this Christmas to people who simply don’t have the funds for what has sadly for many become a luxury they can’t afford.

Reading can be an escape and a joy for us all and it’s so sad that through no fault of their own many people are being denied that pleasure at the time they probably need it most.

Just £5  will enable us to gift a book from you, to someone who can’t afford to buy one for themselves (we’ll be supplying these books at cost price - ie; no profit to us - and any surplus funds raised will be donated to charities working to alleviate the cost-of-living crisis).

Pay It Forward, give the gift of a book to someone who could really do with some kindness this Christmas.