Foul Language & Blasphemy T-Shirt

Foul Language & Blasphemy T-Shirt

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Our fella David Nolan has over 150 FIVE STAR reviews on Amazon for his debut novel Black Moss so it made us all giggle a bit when a reader recently posted a searing ONE STAR review citing the excessive use of "Foul language & blasphemy" in the book.

Now frankly we didn't remember Black Moss being all that sweary so we did some checking and Black Moss only came in at No.7 on our newly minted Fahrenheit Fuck Index (FFI) well behind other Fahrenheit luminaries such as Anthony Neil Smith, Saira Viola and of course the sweariest of them all our very own delightfully foul-mouthed Queen of Noir, Jo Perry who has 5 books in the Top 10.

The full Top 10 is as follows.

  1. Dead Is Beautiful by Jo Perry

  2. Jukebox by Saira Viola

  3. SlowBear by Anthony Neil Smith

  4. Dead Is Good by Jo Perry

  5. Dead Is Better by Jo Perry

  6. The Mermaid's Pool by David Nolan

  7. Black Moss by David Nolan

  8. Death Of A Diva by Derek Farrell

  9. Dead Is Best by Jo Perry

  10. Death Of An Angel by Derek Farrell


Anyway, despite languishing at No.7 in the sweary charts Dave Nolan reckoned his ONE STAR review would make a great bit of merch and judging by the traction he got on our socials you all agreed, so here you fucking well go... 

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