Bookish Weirdo : Tea Towel

Bookish Weirdo : Tea Towel

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It started as a dumb joke on Twitter.

"You've made every other type of merch - it'll be bloody tea towels next..." 

Well, we thought that was a splendid idea so we made a Map of Manc Noir tea towel to accompany David Nolan's new book The Ballad Of Hanging Lees and you only went and lost your mind for them.

So we asked you what you'd like to see next and the OVERWHELMING answer was BOOKISH WEIRDO (cause you're all a bunch of erm... bookish weirdos).

So while other publishers still think Tote Bags are the reader accessory of choice we've decided to up the ante and make 2022 the summer of the Tea Towel - or something...

Anyway, they're really cool, buy some for yourself or for friends

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  • 100% Cotton.
  • 45cm x 65cm.
  • Machine washable.