Bloody Scotland 2022 T-Shirt

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Okay people, time for one of our most beloved annual traditions.

You all know the deal...

  1. We rip off a famous Scottish brand. 
  2. Someone on the board of Bloody Scotland drops a dime on us cause our merch is cooler than theirs.
  3. We get a cease & desist notice from the brand in question.
  4. We scramble to take down the offending shirt before the legal action bankrupts us.
  5. The Boss makes his annual "We fought the law and the law won" joke on Twitter.

In previous years we've done, Tunnocks (total pricks about it all) Irn-Bru (fairly decent as it goes, they let us sell the stock we had and told us not to do it again) Scots Porridge Oats (stern letter, no jokes but they didn't send the lads round) and last year Brewdog 'mainly' gave us a free pass (though frankly we reckon they were distracted by their own brand problems and bankrupting the coolest indie press in the world probably wouldn't have been a good look).

We're hoping that this year Mother's Pride sees this more as a fond homage than a blatant infringement of their copyright but just in case, Operation 'Scarper it's the rozzers' is ready to swing into action and erase all evidence of this shirt from our store at the touch of a button.

These shirts are notoriously sought after in the Crime Fiction world - Queen Of Crime Val McDermid can still often be spotted wearing her Tunnocks shirt at festivals around the world.

So, there you go - we usually get at least one weekend before the lawyers start calling and we have to stop selling them so don't miss out.

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