The TV Detective : Simon Hall

The TV Detective : Simon Hall

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Dan Groves is a television reporter newly assigned to the crime beat and not at all happy about it.

Dan knows next nothing about police work or how to report on it so when he persuades Detective Chief Inspector Adam Breen to allow him to shadow a high-profile murder inquiry it seems like the perfect solution though it soon becomes clear some members of the police force have no intention of playing nice with the new boy.

With his first case Dan is dropped in at the deep-end. A man is killed in a lay-by with a blast through the heart from a shotgun. The victim is a notorious local businessman, Edward Bray, a man with so many enemies there are almost too many suspects for the police to eliminate.

As tensions rise between Dan and the police he comes close to being thrown off the case until the detectives realise that far from being a liability, Dan might actually be the key to tempting the murderer into a trap.

The TV Detective is the first book in a classic crime series from Simon Hall, who until recently was the BBC Crime Correspondent for the Devon and Cornwall area.

This is the 1st book in Simon Hall's hugely popular TV Detective series, book 3 will be published late November 2019 and book 4 will be published in early 2020.

Praise for Simon Hall

“Hall’s characterisations are so good it’s hard to believe you are reading a work of fiction…”

“More than just well written, it brings alive the people and places, hard to put down…”

“A spectacular, gripping, brilliant book. A storyline that keeps you intrigues and guessing right to the end.”

“Hall is a compelling writer. He should be applauded for writing a book which, though irreverent at times, leaves the reader with a need to question and reflect.

“A really enjoyable read… taut, well plotted and creates such pace it became a personal race against time to finish it in one sitting.”