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“With each new book, the Calloway Series is developing into a tour de force of British noir – a must-read…”

When speedway superstar Bert Webber asks his old friend Reg Calloway for help Reg is reluctant to get involved.

Webber’s brother-in-law is dead, seemingly the victim of a simple road traffic accident, but if the dead man was in a crash just north of London why was there a flyer for a clip-joint in Berlin and a ticket for the city’s U-Bahn tucked in his pocket? 

Ten years in the military police and six in the Intelligence Corps have taught Calloway that things are not always as they seem, and with Webber happy to pay him a pretty penny to investigate further, Reg puts aside his initial misgivings and determines to find the truth, wherever it lies.

So begins a high-speed, high-octane thriller which propels Calloway through a post-war world of female wrestlers, wall-of-death riders, Berlin gangsters and the shadowy spy-masters he thought he’d escaped forever.

A terrific addition to the English Mean Streets school…

“A brilliant piece of post-war noir…”

“A gem of a find and highly recommended.”

“As I read, I had that feeling that I haven't had since I read Chandler for the first time.”

“I literally couldn’t put this down and read the whole thing in under 24 hours.”

“A fantastic read, stylishly written.” 

“Exciting, gripping and enjoyable - what more could you want!”

The first 2 books in the Reg Calloway series are available now.


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