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Pills & Soap : DDC Morgan

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Six months after his adventure in Blood & Cinders, Reg Calloway finds himself working as head of security for a London film studio turning out low-budget Brit flicks.

When the studio boss's car is blown up, Special Branch suspects Irish terrorists are responsible but Calloway doesn't buy it. He saw a woman fleeing the scene. Finding the woman and uncovering her connection to the case becomes his obsession.

Calloway's under pressure from all sides - Special Branch and his studio bosses are convinced that the IRA are behind the bomb but when the terrorists give Calloway an ultimatum to find the real bomber or else, he knows for sure that the mysterious woman who fled the scene is the real key to everything.

His investigation takes him into the dark side of the London film business - its exploitation of starlets, its underworld connections and its Faustian star makers who trade young souls for broken dreams.

As Calloway delves into some of the seediest recesses of 1950s London he risks everything in an attempt to find the truth and see that justice, in some form, is served.

Here’s what readers had to say about Blood & Cinders, the 1st Reg Calloway Mystery.

“A terrific addition to the English Mean Streets school…”

“A gem of a find and highly recommended.”

“As I read, I had that feeling that I haven't had since I read Chandler for the first time.”

“I literally couldn’t put this down and read the whole thing in under 24 hours.”

“A fantastic read, stylishly written.”

“Exciting, gripping and enjoyable - what more could you want!”

The 1st book in the Reg Calloway series is available now.


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