King Of The Crows : Russell Day

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“Money Heist meets 28 Days Later.”

2028, eight years after a pandemic swept across Europe, the virus has been defeated and normal life has resumed. 

Memories of The Lockdown have already become clouded by myths, rumour and conspiracy.

Books have been written, movies have been released and the names Robertson, Miller & Maccallan have slipped into legend. 

Together they hauled The Crows, a ragged group of virus survivors, across the ruins of London. Kept them alive, kept them safe, kept them moving.

But not all myths are true and not all heroes are heroes.

Questions are starting to be asked about what really happened during those days when society crumbled and the capital city became a killing ground.

Finally the truth will be revealed.

Weighing in at a hefty 580 Pages, King Of The Crows is a truly genre-busting novel in terms of both content + structure.

The story is told over the span of 8 years from 2020-2028 using flashbacks and extracts from survivor accounts, screenplays, academic studies, online chat-rooms and police reports. 

You will never have read a book like this one.

Praise for King Of The Crows

“Staggeringly prescient – an absolute triumph…”

“The most inventive heist novel you’ll ever read.”

“In terms of plot, structure and ambition, this is the most imaginative novel I’ve read in years…”

Praise for Russell Day – winner of the CWA Margery Allingham Prize

"Russell Day is an artist - one who paints pictures with his words..."

"A brilliant book, one that has cemented Russell Day straight into my must read authors list."

"Russell Day has established himself as one of the best new crime writers of recent years. I cannot wait for his next novel."