Hacker : Duncan MacMaster

Hacker : Duncan MacMaster

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Jake Mooney returns in another adventure.

Jake's been invited to hold seminars with the Creative Writing program of the fictional Ivy League Fairbanks University.

On his first night there he runs into an old nemesis from his days as a journalist, a famous hacker named Alastair Breedlove.

You'd be hard pressed to find someone who despises Breedlove more than Jake, but they do exist, and they have to sheer balls to murder him in front of Jake.

Jake wants to stay out of it, but keeps getting dragged in against his will, and he discovers that this school for the nation's elite, is awash in multiple scandals.

Scandals people are willing to kill to keep secret.

 “Great characterisations with a mysterious, almost Conan Doyle-style ability to pick out the telling detail amidst the obvious, and obviously set-up, red herrings. Entertaining and very well written.”

“More fun than a bag of monkeys!”

“Duncan McMaster takes a complex story and shakes it vigorously until the totally unexpected solution falls out.”

“Duncan MacMaster certainly knows how to draw you into the story and before long, you are hooked without even realising it.”

“Ticks every box for traditional sleuthing fans. I loved it.”

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