Evil Valley : Simon Hall

Evil Valley : Simon Hall

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TV reporter Dan Groves and Detective Adam Breen are reunited in their 3rd adventure to try to save a young girl who's been abducted by a psychopath - a once brilliant man tormented by war and the death of his best friend and utterly bent on taking his revenge on society. 

Dan is plunged headlong into the search for the man who breaks into women's homes, steals only a document containing their name, and then leaves a sinister note containing plans to commit a shocking crime.

So begins a frantic race again time and another mystery packed with Simon Hall's trademark riddles.

This is the 3rd book in Simon Hall's hugely popular TV Detective series, book 4 will be published in early 2020.

Praise for Simon Hall

“Hall’s characterisations are so good it’s hard to believe you are reading a work of fiction…”

“More than just well written, it brings alive the people and places, hard to put down…”

“A spectacular, gripping, brilliant book. A storyline that keeps you intrigues and guessing right to the end.”

“Hall is a compelling writer. He should be applauded for writing a book which, though irreverent at times, leaves the reader with a need to question and reflect.

“A really enjoyable read… taut, well plotted and creates such pace it became a personal race against time to finish it in one sitting.”