Donate to the Fahrenheit Fighting Fund

Donate to the Fahrenheit Fighting Fund

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Since we first stormed onto the publishing scene back in 2015 Fahrenheit have published literally 100s of books by 100s of (mainly debut) authors. 

We've built one the most loyal and mutually supportive communities of readers & writers in the bookish universe - friendships have been made, relationships have formed, kisses have been kissed, hugs have been hugged, merch has been worn, and god knows, books have been read, so many books have been read - it's been an absolute riot.

Now though as you all know, the cost of living crisis is hitting everyone in the pocket - inflation, energy prices, Brexit export regulations, and interest rate hikes have all conspired to create a perfect financial storm for consumers and an absolute bin fire for small businesses like ours.

Our sales revenue is not enough for us to continue to develop our list, taking risks on new writers – we now need your help and we need it today.

You can make a huge difference by donating to our FIGHTING FUND and helping us to continue publishing – simply choose an amount from the options from the drop down menu. 

You can rest assured that every penny you donate will be invested directly in our work with writers young and old – funding new writers and new writing - in return we’ll pay you back in good karma, and with the promise to keep publishing the very best Indie Writing we can find for many years to come.

Thank you so much for supporting our work with new and existing writers, we literally can't do it without you.