Deathbeds : Tony R. Cox

Deathbeds : Tony R. Cox

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“This gripping thriller involves murder, mayhem and drugs, and shines a fascinating light in The Troubles…”  - Roz Watkins, author of the DI Meg Dalton series

England, 1975

After lying low and licking his wounds following his last investigation, reporter Simon Jardine returns to his rightful place in the newspaper’s head-office.

Simon knows he needs to get his teeth into a big story and a trip to Northern Ireland, currently in the grip of The Troubles, seems like his fastest route back to the front page.

Despite being reassured that any danger was minimal, no sooner has Jardine arrived in the province than he walks straight into a paramilitary ambush.

Saved by a British army patrol, the reporter makes it home to England relatively unscathed but in the aftermath of the ambush Jardine knows he saw something he shouldn’t, and now the danger has followed him back home and put him squarely in the firing line again.

Jardine must call on all his resources and contacts to avoid ending up as just another victim of The Troubles but as the body count increases, the odds against him and the people he cares about getting out alive seem slim.

"Tony Cox always delivers well-executed thrillers with a strong Derby heart. Buckle up for the ride." - Sarah Ward author of the DC Childs series.

“When trouble comes knocking, I want Simon Jardine in my corner.” - Steven Dunne, author of the award-winning Reaper series.

“Unrelenting in tension, until an explosive climax; as well as delivering the thrills, Cox captures perfectly in dark tones the menacing atmosphere of '70's Derby, it's lurking menace and threats and at a pivotal time and place in British history.” - MP Wright, author of the JT Ellington series.

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