The Tranquility Trilogy : Linden Chase

The Tranquility Trilogy : Linden Chase

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“A gut-wrenching techno-thriller that keeps the reader on edge throughout.”

Science has developed reliable tests to detect psychopathy in individuals and those with the disorder are re-classified as victims of their DNA rather than monsters.

The question remains though, how does a liberal society deal with the inherently violent impulses of the human predators who live among us.

In response a government think-tank launches The Tranquility Experiment where psychopaths will be isolated and left to form their own community.

Zane King, an investigative journalist, has been given a tip-off by a high-level government source that something big is happening on a remote island. After a heart-stopping journey Zane manages to infiltrate Tranquility by persuading the citizens that he’s a psychopath just like them.

It doesn’t take Zane long to realise that something has gone very wrong with the experiment but by the time he fully understands what the island is really all about the community is already imploding in a wave of monstrous violence.

Here for the very first time we bring together all three instalments of The Tranquility Trilogy in one volume :

  • Killer Instincts
  • Killer Intent
  • Killer Impact

Here’s what readers have to say about The Tranquility Trilogy

“Not for the faint hearted…”

“A terrifying glimpse into the heart of darkness…”

“Gripping to the very last page…”

“The Beach meets Lord of the Flies…”

“This thrilling trilogy is galloping towards a climatic finale…”

 “It is gripping, bloody, violent and exciting and I'm looking forward to seeing what happens next.”

“Bloody and Brilliant. Or just Bloody Brilliant. Both work…”

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