Video Killed The Radio Star : Duncan MacMaster

Video Killed The Radio Star : Duncan MacMaster

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Volume Two: Kirby Baxter Investigates

Money in the bank and his dream girl on his arm - life was looking pretty sweet for Kirby Baxter.

Of course it couldn’t last. Where would the fun be in that? This is a sequel after all.

After solving the murder of a movie starlet the previous year, Kirby is doing his best to live down his burgeoning reputation as part-time Interpol agent and amateur sleuth.

Then reality TV comes knocking next door.

Million Dollar Madhouse is a reality TV show where a bunch of washed up celebrities are thrown together in a dilapidated mansion while their attempts to renovate the building are broadcast 24/7 for the viewers delight.

Kirby’s quiet town is thrown into chaos by the arrival of camera crews, remote control video drones and a cast of characters including disgraced actress Victoria Gorham, political shock-jock Bert Wayne and reality TV royalty Kassandra Kassabian.

When one of the cast members turns up dead the local police turn to the only celebrity detective in town for help and draft an unwilling Kirby into their investigation.

The first body is only the beginning of another rip-roaring adventure for Kirby Baxter and with Gustav his loyal driver/valet/bodyguard/chef/ass-kicker at his side, our hero plunges into the fray with his usual stunning displays of deductive reasoning and sheer bloody luck.

“A delightful read. It combines some great characterisations with a mysterious, almost Conan Doyle-style ability to pick out the telling detail amidst the obvious, and obviously set-up, red herrings. Entertaining and very well written.”

“Clever working of the classic murder mystery genre into a very modern setting.”

"Rattles along at 100 miles an hour, barely drawing breath as it bounces from one development to another. It's playing with all the conventions of classic crime with a wry smile and a wink. I absolutely loved it - I want more adventures for Kirby and his posse - and I really want to know what happened in Liechtenstein!!"

“A joy. Fast-moving, funny and choc-full of great characters, observations and dialogue.”

“A most unlikely hero with a nice line in quirks (in the best traditions of the golden age), it rockets along to a most satisfying ending. Loved it.”

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