Drop The Mikes : Duncan MacMaster

Drop The Mikes : Duncan MacMaster

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Volume Three: Kirby Baxter Investigates

Kirby's detective skills have earned him and his friends an all expenses paid vacation in the Caribbean at a brand new and very exclusive resort.

Baxter and company are planning to rest, relax, and frolic on the beach.

However, the best laid plans often meet the same fate as the worst laid plans.

An online entrepreneur named Myke Penobscot is throwing a music festival right next to Baxter's vacation spot. It promises luxury accommodations, gourmet food, and the hottest acts in pop music performing for thousands of the world's young and wealthy elite.

Except the accommodations are tents that smell like pee, the food is army surplus sandwiches, and none of the bands have shown up, because their cheques bounced.

Then Myke Penobscot's right hand man Michael Powell, ends up dead.

There are literally thousands of suspects, and Baxter has to wade through an unfamiliar world of old money socialites, social media influencers, and rampant hipsters to find a killer who has only just started hacking their way to their ultimate goal.

Praise for the Kirby Baxter books

Great characterisations with a mysterious, almost Conan Doyle-style ability to pick out the telling detail amidst the obvious, and obviously set-up, red herrings. Entertaining and very well written.

A crazy mix of Scooby Doo, Sherlock Holmes, Lord Peter Wimsey, Jeeves and Wooster, Spike Milligan and a million other elements, all told in a Chandler-esque wise-cracking style. But at the heart of it, at the very heart of it, is an utterly brilliant murder mystery.

A truly fantastic read.

Duncan MacMaster is a great artist and a great storyteller, he deftly switches scenes as the story develops, changing the mood for you as he moves between characters. At some points, I swear I could hear the ‘music of doom’ playing in my head as the scenes switched to focus on some of the villains.

Think Monk at it's best. Psych at its least annoying. Castle at it's most charming. Moonlighting season one…

I can't imagine someone not having a ball reading this. Probably the 5-Star-est 5-Stars I've given this year.

MacMaster's clever, twisty, wry whodunnit (and howdunnit) is fresh, smart, campy and incredibly fun. Kirby Baxter is an adorably unconventional hero, a nerd whose super senses register disturbances much too subtle for ordinary people to notice.

“If you’re a fan of Dirk Gently, you’ll love Kirby Baxter…”

“Put’s the nerd firmly into noir.”

"Rattles along at 100 miles an hour, barely drawing breath as it bounces from one development to another. It's playing with all the conventions of classic crime with a wry smile and a wink. I absolutely loved it - I want more adventures for Kirby and his posse - and I really want to know what happened in Liechtenstein!!"

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